Are you thinking of getting your home or workplace professionally cleaned? You must know that there is a multitude of products and equipment used by commercial cleaners. Many commercial cleaning company in Atlanta, GA options use high-grade chemicals to make your place spotless.

You’ll be completely stunned to see the array of supplies, products, and equipment used by commercial cleaners. Do you wish to learn more about it? Keep reading to get an idea about the cleaning supplies and your concerns regarding the same.

Cleaning Supplies

·    Glass stain removal cloths

·    Buckets for storing supplies

·    Shoe covers for keeping the floor clean

·    Microfibre cleaning material

·    Broom and Dustpan

·    Bucket and mop

·    Vacuum Cleaner

·    Rubber gloves for protection

·    Laundry bag

·    Trash bags

·    Disposable cleaning brushes

·    Disinfecting wipes

·    Paper towels

·    Spray bottle

Cleaning Products

·    Air freshener

·    Carpet cleaner

commercial cleaning company in Atlanta, GA

·    Furniture polish

·    Multipurpose cleaning agents

·    Dishwashing liquids

·    Special wood cleaner

·    Chemical descaling liquid or powder

·    Shower and toiler cleaner

·    Heavy-duty industrial degreaser

·    Glass cleaner

·    Disinfecting spray

·    Professional stain remover

·    Generic laundry detergent

·    Oven chemicals

Do I have to give my own cleaning products and supplies?

This is a common question among people before they opt for professional cleaning. No, you don’t have to give your supplies and cleaning products. In case you have any furniture or upholstery that needs a specific product, make sure to mention it to your commercial cleaner beforehand.

If your commercial cleaner is not carrying the above necessary supplies, then you must ensure everything is getting done properly. One of the main aims of hiring professional cleaners is because they have the best quality supplies and products.

Final Words

Commercial cleaners are experienced professionals who will deliver a high-standard service. These are the most basic supplies and products your commercial cleaner must carry. You may also enquire about the cleansing agent products before booking them.